Eileen Jimenez, Jessica Shewmaker, and Debbie Touhey are the 3 candidates for two open sets. Jimenez and Shewmaker are the current officeholders. Touhey is the wife of real estate developer, former West Covina Councilmember and current Water Board Member Mike Touhey.

Jimenez and Shewmaker will probably run on the unique position of opening new schools, hiring teachers, and increasing enrollment. Most of those good news items came under the leadership of the former superintendent Liliam Castillo and prior to Jimenez joining the board and before firing Castillo.

Debbie Touhey will run on how she will bring positive change to the district, but will not mention the changes. She will attempt to hide or hope people do not remember how Debbie and her husband Mike removed their children from San Jose Academy after a loud and public argument with staff.

Mike Touhey vowed to do everything possible to close the school if ever given the opportunity. Is this his opportunity?

Also, Touhey faces explaining to voters why they removed one their children from West Covina High School after Mike Touhey had a run in with a staff member at the high school over playing time for one of his children on one of the sport teams. He also made unkind remarks about some board members, Steve Cox among them, after they refused to get involved in the issue.

Jimenez who copies Shewmaker campaign statements and took to dressing like Shewmaker at back to school nights will need to explain to voters about the decline in finances and increases in some class sizes under her two terms as Board President. She voted a $10,000 bonus during budget cuts for the current Superintendent.

Shewmaker will face an onslaught of negative campaigning by Jimenez and Touhey. When looking at the lesser of two evils, Jimenez or Touhey, maybe Touhey is the answer. At least she know what a consent calendar is.


Spence & The City Council

Rumors around town have Spence running for the West Covina City Council in November 2013. Even more amusing are the rumors Spence will run for the assembly seat his boss, Curt Hagman, currently holds.

Let’s eliminate the assembly seat rumor. Spence does not live in the assembly district of his boss. For Spence to run for the seat he would have to move. Highly unlikely, but I know many people who would help him leave the city and his school board seat.

Spence needs his school board seat to feel important, that is the reason he will never run for an office at a time and place keeping him from holding his school board seat. Giving up one seat and losing an election would hurt his self-image.

Now his run for the city council in West Covina. Spence does not have the courage to run for a seat resulting in an examination of his record on the school board, his activities as a leader of the California Republican Assembly and politics in general.

Let us start on his position on women issues:

1. Spence thinks women should stay at home, have children and not work.
2. He is against a woman’s right to make a choice of any kind, let alone when to have a child.
3. Ignoring his mother’s role in raising him when he apologized to his father for his conduct, never mentioning his mother.

How about his Republican base taking a good look at Democrats he has supported, for example:

1. Eileen Moranda Jimenez, a Democrat, who supports abortion, illegal immigration, and wants to return California to Mexico.

Spence is the individual who wrote an article (Flash Report) about the importance of not ignoring lower level offices and the Democrats who run for said office. The example he gave – Hilda Solis who started as Community College Trustee and ended up as Secretary of Labor.

Let’s look at fund raising?

1. Money from out of state.
2. Money from individuals and organizations from outside West Covina.
3. Spence chaired a campaign committee fined $34,000 for improper reporting.
4. His boss returning an illegal campaign donation received from the same group donating to Al Gore. Spence wrote about the issue at the time, but allowed his boss to take the donation, until it became public.

We cannot forget his feelings about children with weight probelms:

1. Burley Hurley
2. Fatty Patty
3. Obese Clarisse

His inability to work with others:

1. Telling a teacher to “F” himself.
2. Loudly protesting public retirement programs until he became a public employee. Let us all remember he talked his boss into preventing elected officials from receiving a public retirement just after he qualified.

Mike Spence – if he complains about it, he is probably quietly supporting it or participates in the activity himself. So when he champions issues, take a very close look…

New Power Couple in WCUSD?

Seems Mike Spence may have partnered with another local politician. One has to wonder if more than just a political power coupling is taking place.

Let me explain. It is reported and documented Mike Spence worked closely with Roy Ashburn on Spence’s anti-gay agenda. Amazingly enough Roy Ashburn was arrested for DUI after leaving a gay bar. Few familiar with the former State Senator were surprised, especially politicians in the Sacramento area. Everyone knows Spence claims to know everything and everyone in Sacramento.

Then Mike Spence joined forces with a younger protege continuing his work against the Gay and Lesbian agenda. The protege left the Republican Party due to the anti-gay agenda championed by Mike Spence. Some have wondered if this protege is gay.

Now we have the latest Spence Partnership with another person claiming to be against the gay and lesbian agenda. I must remind everyone about Spence’s last two partners. Did they have more than political falling out?

These two were seen hiding in the shadows at last year’s county fair trying to keep from being noticed while discussing who knows what. They have been noticed at local eateries talking and laughing together.

Spence even endorsed this politician in recent elections after the politician claimed he disliked Spence.

I wish both a happy and successful partnership, politically or …


Mike Spence signed an agreement, as an individual defendant, to end the lawsuit with the former superintendent, Lilliam Castillo. Spence has made public comments in the past no innocent person will ever admit they did wrong. Thus, doing what Spence hates, using his own comments, Spence must be admitting he did what Ms. Castillo claimed.

Spence, as he always tries, has stated in newspapers that he voted against the deal because it was bad for the school district. Spence never did say that he individually signed off on the deal. Bad for the school district, but good for Spence. That is all that matters to Spence.

Spence Strikes Out

Mike Spence attended a recent council meeting fully expecting he would be the newest member of the city council. The last time the council had an opening he received two votes. Spence had it in the bag as his Democratic buddy would push hard to change the mind of one council member.

He had the vote he needed until a member of the public spoke about Spence’s record – quoting Mike Spence again and again. Members of the audienced gasped when they heard Spence’s comments about women, hispanics, children, LGBT, and people in general. When it came time for nominations, Spence was not even mentioned.

It appears the bringing forth of Spence’s comments about women turned one vote and Spence’s long record of derogatory comments turned a second council member giving him political cover.

Spence will deny this happened, but why did he attend the council meeting if he know he did not have the votes?


This week, Mike Spence and Steve Cox through their attorney’s asked the court to dismiss the breach of contract suit brought by the former district superintendent.

Listen to this – They claimed since they did not vote in public, only announcing the result of the closed session vote made the contract void.

Now following that insane logic – They never voted in public to terminate the Superintendent. By Spence and Cox’s own admission, she was never fired because the vote was in closed session, announced in public, but not voted on in public.

Here’s hoping the superintendent is in her office come Monday.


Monday, it was reported Mike Spence was screaming at the District Superintendent for two hours for all to hear. Will he claim that all hearing his voice from behind closed doors was not him yelling. Remember, this is the guy when caught on tape claims it was not him or he was misunderstood.

Maybe, the District Superintendent stood up to Spence or told him that she did not want to attend Rotary meetings or have to attend 5K runs on early Saturday mornings any longer with Steve Cox.

Could it be, Spence was just trying to get his last licks in before the school board voted on a policy against such conduct in the future.